How to Host a Successful Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is becoming more and more popular among the millennial generation. Friendsgiving is exactly what it sounds like, Thanksgiving with your friends. Spending time with our family isn’t a thing of the past but why not start new traditions with your friends that are practically family. My friends and I took on the trend while at Bible Study one night and it was definitely something I think we could all agree we would do again.


How to Host a Sucessful Friendsgiving

When and Where?

Since a lot of people tend to travel or spend time with family closer to and/or on Thanksgiving, you should plan for a time earlier in the month. This allows for you to spend time with your friends but not feel like you’re choosing them over your family. Do any of your friends have their own place? If not do their parents (or housemates) mind you using their space? Don’t let the location stop you from having a great Friendsgiving. If a friend offers up their space, let them know you’ll help set up and clean up so they don’t feel used.

Plan The Menu

Friendsgiving is a great way to potluck. You shouldn’t feel the stress of cooking an entire meal unless it is something that you don’t mind doing. Potluck means easy cleanup and everyone gets to bring a favorite dish that you may or may not have tried. Not the best cook? Order something and serve it up in dish, they won’t know the difference. Make sure your friends RSVP so you all can account for the amount of people when bringing something.

Plan The Cocktails

You don’t necessarily need to have a full open bar with every liquor named, but you should definitely have wine at the very least. Ask your friends to bring a favorite wine or favorite drink of theirs to share.

Set The Scene

If you’re going potluck style, make sure yourself or the host has plenty of serving utensils and platters. Depending on what your friends bring, you can ask them to bring serving bowls/dishes as well if you don’t have enough to accomodate everything. If someone wants to know what to bring, serving dishes, ice, napkins and/or liquor is always a good suggestion.


Happy Hosting and Happy Friendsgiving!

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