Holiday Wish List

The year is winding down and while each holiday season really isn’t about the gifts people still give anyway. I’m not expecting any of these things ON Christmas but I still get to have a list.

Wishlist 2016


2017 is around the corner so I definitely need a new agenda book. Nothing like a clean slate. This agenda book is by Sugar Paper LA.

Business card holder because business cards need a nice home too.

I’m very punctual and my watch isn’t just for style I use it to tell time. My current watch is fine but I’ve had my eye on Nixon for a while.

A sketchbook; this one happens to be by Pantone. I want to sketch more to get my creative ideas out in a different way.

Every girl needs a black bag; every girl also needs a large Chanel black bag.

Life is better with a dog. Boxers are my absolute favorite.

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