5 Trends that Need to Die in 2017

The good thing about trends is they are short lived. The bad thing about trends is they don’t always disappear when they should. There are a number of things that need to die in 2017, but for me these must go.

5 Trends that Need to Die in 2017


Cheap Bling

Diamonds are a girls best friend, I know, but the cheap bling has to go. There is typically too much of it; it’s on the cake, the centerpieces, glassware, flatware AND the dessert buffet. I’m not saying don’t use bling but specifically the cheap bling that you have to roll off of the spool isn’t a good choice. If you’re looking to incorporate your love for bling try a more sophisticated approach in 2017.

Costumed Servers

I’m all for a good uniform and a complete theme, but we must let go of a few things. Please let go of the Champagne Show Girls. Champagne Show Girls are ladies that roll around with over sized metal skirts, that have wheels and over 100 glass holders. It is SO tacky and no one really loves it the way they pretend to. We can all agree guests like the fact that they have access to a glass of Champagne and that is it.

Chalk Name Tags

I’m all for recycling and reusing glasses but can we stop making our adult guests write their names in chalk. No one wants chalk on their fingers and the area is so small that you can barely fit a name. If it’s more than 7 letters you can forget it. Are we finished with chalk name tags or are we done?

Great Gastby Theme

A little party never killed nobody but I think in 2017 it is time to move on. The black and gold color scheme will always be a classic which is a good thing but after Kris Jenner killed it with her over the top party Gatsby party, I think we can close out on a good note.

Mason Jars

We need a break! They are so easy, so rustic, so vintage, so everything that we can’t get rid of them. I even use one to store my makeup brushes! Listen, mason jars don’t have to go away forever, I still imagine I’ll be using them a time or two in the future but for 2017 can we take a break?

What trends are you hoping to NOT see in 2017.