Perrier Jouët Blason Rosé

Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé

“Perrier Zhou-Ette”

Perrier Jouët Blason Rosé is such a great Champagne. I received it as a white elephant trade because someone didn’t like Champagne. Who doesn’t like Champagne?! The tasting notes were what I would expect with a rosé but Perrier Jouët definitely has its own unique taste. It is bursting with flavors; sweet and citrus and they manage to blend beautifully.

Notes of strawberry, raspberry and blood orange are very present when you taste it but it also has a soft hit to it. I didn’t manage to open the bottle gracefully so the bubbles weren’t preserved initially but I loved the taste on that first sip. It’s described as a perfectly balanced rosé and I have to agree. Once the bubbles settled onto my palette they exploded with flavor.  I enjoyed this so much because the blend of flavors was not only perfect but it lingered just long enough. I can’t wait to have it again!


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