Dinner Party Etiquette: Host Behavior

My post Dinner Party Etiquette: Guest Behavior was all about guest and how they should behave at a dinner party. It would be only right to now discuss how the host should behave. As the host, you should have everything together ahead of time so that you too can enjoy your event.

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Be Ready, Be On Time

As the host, it is your job to make sure YOU are ready and on time. You won’t be able to control the actions of your guests but you shouldn’t be behind because you know you can count on them to be behind. You should have everything done, in its place and/or cooling by the time your guests arrive, EVEN IF they are late.


Smaller intimate settings, call for intimate conversation. Often times these conversations lead to politics or deeper topics. Unless the individual is okay speaking about these things, you may have to rescue a few people. To keep the conversation alive and fresh all night, keep a couple of hot topics on hand or in your phone and discuss it as a group. People love a open discussion.

Fully Stocked Bar

A fully stocked bar is almost a requirement for a dinner party; while it is nice for your guest to have so many options, it can also be a dangerous one. If any of your guests have had too many cut them off and invite them to stay the night. You don’t want anyone leaving and causing harm to themselves or others simply because you wanted to have a full service bar. Since it is a dinner party, stick to 1-3 options and make sure you have plenty of water.

My Guest Wants to Instagram It

As a host, it will be up to you to decide if you want your business “on the gram”. If you want your decor and your spread to be displayed, ask your guests to take pictures at the beginning of the night. Everything will be in its untouched state and ready for a picture.

As the night goes on, encourage your guests to not use their phones as you have some ‘Hot Topics’ you would like to discuss. It is your purpose to host and entertain your guest without them wanting their phones.

Have a Good Time

Don’t forget to enjoy your event too. All of the things that lead up to planning can be hectic but once it is finally underway you should make sure you take a moment to enjoy yourself.

Thanks For Coming

As the host you will have already decided on a rough ending time for the evening. Once you interrupt the mood by either cleaning up or closing down the bar, most people understand that it is time to go. Since it is a dinner party, most guests understand they won’t be at your house all night.

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